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Taking Notes



Being a coach at my riding centre for the past 17 years, I have been around children from 3 years old, to teens and adults into their 70’s. We were joined by our love of animals and that is still a strong passion of mine, but then Covid hit and the devastation and mental health decline I witnessed pushed me to get my qualifications in counselling and then in my research I came across Marisa Peer (whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, in Berlin) RTT resonated with my ethos of equality, people all have the same needs and wants, and fears.
I discovered that there was such a lack of well-being care for students and their parents, when at such a time the need was at its greatest.
In 2021 the riding centre was closed to make way for more housing needs, I was ready to continue to help those affected by trauma and stress as a qualified Hypnotherapist and counsellor. To help people re-establish their own,
Victoria Boylan C.hyp RTT

Brainstorming Session


I have been smoking for many (50+) years, I was not proud of this habit and discussed it with Vickie, after our conversation about why I smoked, and some Q&A, Vickie showed me how to re-evaluate my choices. It was one week after I completely stopped smoking, and have been off the fags since Oct 21!


Geoffery C

I had the most wonderful experience today having therapy with Victoria. She made me feel very safe. I felt Instant trust and confident being around her.
Made me so relaxed and the atmosphere was lovely and calm to be in. Victoria is careing and completely understood my situation. I felt so relieved ,light and free in my heart after the session. I definitely recommend Victoria's professional work.
Thanks Victoria for all your care and support. Just wish i had met you much earlier.


Sandy S

Vickie was very caring during my RTT session. She has guided me through my past experiences in a very professional, supportive way. I felt very safe with her. Vickie helped me to remove some deep limited beliefs and deal with unresolved emotions. I am very grateful for Vickie . This was a very powerful session for me


Aga S

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